Fuel Dispensers        

Fuel dispenser is the use of car power, can be moved with the car fuel dispenser to meet the needs of urban or rural mobile sales of oil. With the functions of ordinary fuel dispenser machine, suitable for the use of gasoline, diesel, ethanol gasoline, safe and reliable compact structure, small size, easy to operate.

Fuel Station Parts        

The FUEL NOZZLE is the terminal output of the fuel dispenser in the gas station,that is, the part that contacts the oil tank of the car. Generally used are Automatic Fuel Nozzles and manual fuel nozzles.

Mobile Skid-mounted Fuel Station        

Skid-mounted Refuelinostation that integrate explosion-proof oil storage tanks, refueling equipment, and monitoring systems. The products are widely used in bus stops, ports, docks, airports, large construction sites, and internal gas stations within enterprises.

Xuzhou Desheng Petrol Machine Co.,Ltd.

Xuzhou Desheng Petrol Machine Co.,Ltd. is a quite strengthful manufacturer for tanker parts,gas station products of China. It locates in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province and was built up in 2008 years. The factory is with 12 workshops, focus on differen...

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